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We're hiring! Do you have experience in the van building industry? We're looking for a few highly skilled folks to join our growing team. ⁠

We're looking for a Van Builder with prior industry experience and a solid electrical, plumbing, and finish work knowledge base. ⁠

If this position sounds like a good fit, please reach out to We'd love to chat with you!

Company Information

Rigwell is inspired by the spirit of exploration and a vision to break out of the norm. The van is our tool and the catalyst for adventure.

Rigwell’s founder had a background in design, a passion for mountain biking, surfing, and a love of the outdoors. The vision of traveling the western US and Canada in a van started as a far-fetched dream. Leaving the corporate world behind gave way to the first van build and the start of a life-changing journey. The momentum and excitement grew with every wave surfed and every trail rode. That trip was the birth of Rigwell and a way we can help others experience a journey of their own.  

Rigwell now has two main functions. We design, engineer, and build kickass vans and aftermarket parts.

Products: At Rigwell we have a passion for product development. Every one of our products aims to make the experience of vanlife better. Our products sit at the intersection of design, functionality, and price. 

Builds: We focus on building high-end vans that will last the test of time. Our vans are built for people who have an active lifestyle and want a van to help them get out and do more of the things they love.

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