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We're adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies, overlanders and vanlifers. We're problem solvers and creatives, researchers and campfire smore-eaters. We're rooted in realism but we're dreamers. We’re family, we're friends. We’re VanX

From the beginning, our mission was simple: to connect people.

At Nomadx, we live what we do. We're a group of outdoor enthusiasts, overlanders and vanlifers with a goal of helping people find their outside. Through our directory, we're working to connect businesses to people within the nomadic community, creating an open platform to support vehicle-based lifestyles, camping and adventures.


Kyle Butusov

Founding Team Member/Product Specialist, Builders

Sunny Flaherty

Founding Team Member/Product Specialist, Insurance & Loans

Tiffany Helling

Founding Team Member/Chief Integration Officer, Product Specialist Team Lead

Himala Kashmiri

Founding Team Member/Product Specialist, Camping & Travel

Kate Kimball

Founding Team Member/Director of Branding and Communication

Josh Kimball

Co-founder & COO

Dave Lewis

Founding Team Member/Marketing and Advertising Development Director

Jason McNamara

Co-founder & CEO

Scott Starkey

Founding Team Member/Web Developer

Paul Strubell

Founding Team Member/Editor in Chief

Dino Tinajero

Founding Team Member/Product Specialist, Rentals

Jamie Van Der Tuyn

Founding Team Member/Marketing Mastermind

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”


We believe happiness exists for everyone; we believe in helping find that happiness.

We believe in discovering the roads less traveled and the magic of the horizon.

We believe in solving problems; we do not confused movement with progress.

We believe in connecting people, we believe access to information is the base of a strong community.

How will you find your outside?