How to Use the ExploreVanX Directory

If you’re looking to rent or buy a van, ExploreVanX is here to help take out the guesswork. Whether you’re planning a short solo trip to test out van life, or looking to buy a van that meets your needs, our directory has a plethora of nationwide options.

How to Use the ExploreVanX Directory in 5 Steps

No more scrolling through Google results to find your perfect van rental company or van builder. Our directory easily filters down companies by region, state, and/or vehicle model. We have personally connected with each company and fully vetted their offerings to ensure that what you see is what you get.

If you’re looking to find a van builder in a specific region or state, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Click the "Builders" tab in the top menu
  2. Select your region or state from the drop-down menu on the left
  3. Select your preferred van type from the drop-down menu to the right
  4. Cruise through van build company listings
  5. Click on the title of a van build company to view their profile OR click "go to website" to head directly to their site

It’s that simple.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Renting or Buying a Van

Regardless of whether you’re renting a van or buying a van, there are some important things to consider before making your final decision.


Vans come in all price ranges, and it’s important for you to have a realistic budget in mind when shopping around. From budget builds to luxury vans, there’s something for everyone. You might want to start out with a short trip in an inexpensive rental van just to test things out before splurging on a longer trip, or even prior to buying a van. Maybe you already have a van and you want to upgrade your build. Try renting a luxury van to see if you really enjoy and use the additional amenities.

Most van rental companies have a flat per-day rate as well as a per-mile rate after a specific number of allotted miles driven. If you’re planning on driving beyond the mile allowance, those miles can add up quickly. Mileage is also something to consider when purchasing a van. That older budget build that gets 10 miles per gallon might not be so budget-friendly if you’re planning on driving across the country.


What will you be doing in the van? How many people will be traveling with you? Options are endless when it comes to van build layouts. You might want to prioritize kitchen amenities if you want to cook a lot, or storage space if you’re hauling a lot of gear. Do you need that garage, or would you prefer the convertible dinette and bed space?

Are you traveling with a pet? Don’t forget space for Sylvester or Pluto! A litterbox may take up a significant amount of space, and storing your pup’s food also takes precious cargo space you might not have considered.


Where are you going, and where do you plan to spend the most time while camping in a van? Will you need 4 wheel drive? Maybe a heater or air conditioning? Are you hoping to log some work hours remotely? Then you might want to look into a cellular signal booster if you’re out in the boondocks often.

If you’re planning on being a city dweller you may not want windows in your van so you can be more “stealthy”. Maybe you have all of your trips planned and campsites booked already in established campgrounds. With water and restrooms nearby, you probably don’t need a toilet in the van or a large water holding tank.

Find Your Outside with ExploreVanX

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We hope this has been helpful with your first steps on renting a van or buying a van.

To view all of the rental companies we recommend across the nation, you can visit our directory here.

If you’re looking to buy a van or want to start the process of having a builder design one for you, you can find an outstanding campervan builder in our directory here.