Covid-19: Ways to support Van life businesses

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to significantly disrupt lives around the world, many small businesses like many of those listed on are beginning to feel the hardships. While some relief may be on the horizon from the Federal Government, it is important to ask ourselves how we can help in the meantime.

In an effort to support our extended #vanlife family, we wanted to suggest a few ways that those who are able can help support small business during this time.

Gift cards

By now you have certainly been made aware that a great way to support a small business in your community is to purchase a gift card towards future purchases. By putting money in their pockets now, you may be making a huge difference in their ability to keep the lights on as this process continues to evolve. Our friends at @outpostvans made an Instagram post recently about this very thing. They have created a gift card that specifically allows you to spend now and buy things like van rentals, gear, or even van conversions later on. But keep in mind you can do this just about anywhere. If the company you are interested in working with doesn’t offer gift cards, shoot them an email and ask them if you can just do it over email.

Partial purchases

If you are working on your own van build and have your eye on a particular roof rack, onboard fridge, or heavy duty bumper that might be out of your price range at the moment, perhaps this is a great time to contact the company and see if they would perhaps work with you on a partial payment now in exchange for a discount later when you pay for the item in full. I am not saying this will work for every business, but many businesses might be able to work with you given the unusual circumstances. Consider this a layover plan for a company that doesn’t typically offer them.

Show some love on social media

For many small businesses, advertising is often simply out of their price range. With the reduced flow of income at the moment, for others it may be one of the first things they need to cut back on. If you have a great experience with a company and want to help out, try your luck at posting about the product on social media to help point others in their direction. You don’t have to be an influencer to help out.

Ask them how you can help

A business can often seem like an entity removed from the humans who own it. Our country is made of small businesses run by people just like you. If you feel strongly about a great company and are in a position to help, but you don’t know how, shoot them a call or an email and simply ask. They might have a very special need that we haven’t thought of or that is something that fits your personal area of expertise.