A Detailed List of Top Sprinter Van Conversion Companies

The Mercedes Sprinter Van is one of the most sought-after vans for converting into a camper van. But how do you know what top Sprinter Van conversion companies are available, and will meet your needs?

The Mercedes Sprinter Van is one of the most sought-after vans for converting into a camper van. But how do you know what top Sprinter Van conversion companies are available, and will meet your needs?

ExploreVanX is here to help you find the top Sprinter Van conversion companies and share some tips we've learned about these versatile rigs.

How do I Find Top Sprinter Van Conversion Companies Near Me?

If you've Googled "sprinter van conversion companies near me", results can be a little overwhelming. With the van life boom, many people have started their own conversion companies.

You're in luck! With ExploreVanX's extensive directory, you can quickly and easily find reputable van conversion companies specializing in Mercedes Sprinters with a few mouse clicks. We have thoroughly vetted each and every builder listed in our directory. We trust them enough to refer them to you!

How to use the ExploreVanX Builder Directory

To find the perfect van conversion company that specializes in Mercedes Sprinter Vans, check out our directory and follow these five easy steps:

  1. Click the "Builders" tab in the top menu
  2. Select your region or state from the drop-down menu on the left
  3. Select "Mercedes Sprinter" from the drop-down menu to the right
  4. Cruise through van build company listings
  5. Click on the title of a van build company to view their profile OR click "go to website" to head directly to their site

It’s that simple.

What to Look for in Sprinter Van Conversion Companies

What should you look for to determine what makes a top sprinter van conversion company? It is important to consider the following factors when choosing a van conversion company. This is true whether you want a custom build or a pre-built van that's tried and true.

Years in business or years of experience

If the van conversion company has only been in business for a year, this might cause some concern. Don't disregard a company due to this fact, though. Find out if they have previous van builds that were complete prior to the business formation. Maybe they worked for another Sprinter van conversion shop before going solo.

Number of builds

Probably more important than how many years a van conversion company has been in business, is how many builds they have completed. If a company has been in business for 10 years but only builds one van a year, you might want to ask why. In contrast, if they are pumping out 12 custom vans a year, that might compromise the quality of the builds.


Keep in mind that quality craftsmanship in camper van conversions will go a long way. If you're planning on driving down bumpy dirt roads, you don't want your custom interior falling apart on the first drive along washboard. We've seen the pictures, and it's not pretty. It is worth the additional cost to have your custom van built to last.

Some van conversion companies offer a base design that you can customize however you like. They can include additional features or a special layout that will make your living space more comfortable.


Word of mouth and online reviews are a huge indication of the quality of work a van conversion company does. If it's a newer company with no public reviews, ask for references.

Don't forget about the components and products included with the build! Ask the builder what brands he uses and why. If you have an expensive battery system paired with poor-quality solar panels, it might not do you much good.

Why is the Mercedes Sprinter Popular for Van Life?

Sprinter vans have become very popular with van life for some good reasons. They are easy to drive and almost feel like you're driving a luxury car. Their diesel engines are reliable and typically last longer than gas. And we have to say, they look pretty rad.

Mercedes-Benz made the first self-propelled automobile in the world. So, they've been around and know what they are doing. Boasting the slogan "The best or nothing", you can't help but feel like you're in a luxury vehicle while driving your camper van. And you are.

The Mercedes Sprinter comes with a 4×4 model as well, so you can explore more roads with confidence if you chose that option. Many custom builds have after-market lifts and all-terrain tires, making them the perfect adventure rig to Find Your Outside™.

Pros & Cons of a Mercedes Sprinter for Van Life

Of course, not everything about a Mercedes Sprinter is rainbows and kittens. Here are a few pros and cons that we've discovered:


  • Well-known and dependable brand
  • Parts are typically available (keep in mind supply chain issues due to the pandemic)
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Versatile on a variety of terrain
  • Lots of easily installed pre-fab accessories are available
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good gas mileage for vehicle style


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to do mechanical work on
  • Typically need to go to a dealership for repairs, often with a long wait for availability
  • More expensive to drive due to diesel prices (but mileage may counteract this con)
  • Obviously a camper van and not good for stealth parking

Wrapping Up

Determining what top Sprinter van conversion companies are across the nation is only part of the adventure. It's a huge decision that can bring you many years of exciting exploration.

If you're not quite ready for the big purchase, try renting a Sprinter camper van for a week. Use the ExploreVanX directory to find a rental sprinter camper van in your area also! Just follow the same instructions for finding a van builder but go to our rental page instead.

We can't wait to see what Sprinter camper van you will choose to Find Your Outside™!